2 Tier Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

2 Tier Bathroom Shelf

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Bamboo bathroom shelf
This bathroom shelf provides plenty of storage space for bathroom towels, accessories, and toiletries.
Bamboo bathroom shelf
Folding construction for optimal storage when not in use.
Bamboo bathroom shelf
A golden bamboo colour. The lacquered bamboo is smooth and beautifully shaped.
Bamboo bathroom shelf
It is made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. As with all our products, it has been specially varnished to protect against water and damp to make cleaning easy.
Bamboo bathroom shelf
Stylish and elegant design of natural bamboo enhances almost any style of bathroom.
Bamboo bathroom shelf
A simple way to declutter your house and keep everything in sight.
The free-standing design allows you to place it where needed.
Dimensions of bamboo bathroom shelf.

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Dimensions of bamboo bathroom shelf
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