About us

WoodQuail caters to your modern needs using ancient materials. We combine innovative production methods with a sacred respect for planet earth. But at the end of the day, we simply make products for the modern home made from bamboo.

Woodquail’s underlying principle is simplicity. Modern life can be more stressful than it needs to be and our aim is to provide a little help along the way. Woodquail is about creating stylish products with simple applications.

We are interested in original technology – not the so-called hi-tech computer stuff, but the technology of nature, the first unsurpassed inventor. Bamboo is a durable and strong but flexible plant. We use these inherent qualities to your benefit, acting as a responsible middleman between you and the South-East Asian forests.

Environment, technology, style – that’s the formula.

Why bamboo? It is an eco-friendly, very high-quality durable and flexible wood.

Bamboo grows at rates of up to five feet a day and is harvested only after five or six years, making it one of the most sustainable materials available. We only use mature bamboo from forests that are carefully maintained, avoiding deforestation and soil erosion and ensuring the protection of the surrounding wildlife and natural habitat.

Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than average trees. It is a hygienic and water-resistant material. It is also incredibly strong: 34% stronger than white oak.

We aim to save 10,000 trees in 6 months.

Using bamboo also gives our products their distinct yet versatile aesthetic. Like chameleons, they adapt to their natural environment. They won’t demand your attention yet will command it from the discerning eye.

We have observed that there is an increasing appetite among homeowners for the simultaneously practical and stylish. Often a premium on space and money means that homeowners fall short of realizing this ambition. The fresh, light, airy aesthetic of bamboo - as well as its inherent qualities – provides a solution to the problem of combining functionality with style.

Our bamboo range is sleek and understated, designed to blend in with a variety of interiors. The products will add effortless cool to any room.

You can download a digital version of our Catalogue.