Clip on Laptop & Glasses Shelf

Clip on Laptop & Glasses Holder

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Clip on laptop & glasses shelf
This nightstand provides convenient access to things such as laptop, glasses, magazines and much more.
Clip on laptop & glasses shelf
Two hooks on the shelf allow to clip it onto the standard bed back, side or rail. You can move it along the rail of the bed to suitable position.
Clip on laptop & glasses shelf
A golden bamboo colour. Made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and to make cleaning easy.
Clip on laptop & glasses shelf
The hole on the side can be used to put through a power cord.
Dimensions of laptop shelf
Please contact us if you need the shelf supplied with internal size of clips 26mm or 31mm.
We recommend using a fabric or rubber padding to protect the surface of the bedside from possible scratches if you are going to periodically move the shelf.

Customer Reviews

26 Feb 2021
Excellent product, high quality and fulfills exactly the purpose I require. I scoured the Internet to find a product like this, so pleased to have found it - thank you!
15 Aug 2020
Excellent quality and very handy! Helps keep a small bedroom tidy!
Dimensions of laptop shelf
Dimensions of laptop shelf
If you need internal size of clips 26mm or 31mm please contact us by email or by phone +44 (0) 1202 574659 after you placed the order.
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