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Bamboo Phone Holder

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Bamboo phone holder
Keep your mobile phone handy at all times with this Bamboo Phone Holder.
Bamboo phone holder
A golden bamboo colour. Made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and damp to make cleaning easy.
Bamboo phone holder
Features two different tilt angles. Simple and elegant design.
Bamboo phone holder
Can also be used as business card holder as well.
Bamboo phone holder
The item's colour can be slightly different from it's photo. Bamboo has no homogeneous colour and it depends on variety of conditions (type of lights, environment, etc...)
Dimensions of bamboo phone holder

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28 Feb 2022
Useful item for organising oneself into putting the mobile back in the same place!
Dimensions of bamboo phone holder
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