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Wine Bottles Holder

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Bottles Holder
The Wine Bottle Holder is ideal for storing wine or champagne bottles in your kitchen. Holds 5 bottles.
Bottles Rack
It's very important to store wine bottles horizontally or angularly, since the cork is an elastic substance and will dry out over time unless kept in contact with the liquid. If stored upright, you will risk excess evaporation through the dry cork’s porous fibres. Moreover, you may also find that the cork will split when you attempt to remove it years down the road.
Bottles Shelf
Made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. A golden bamboo colour. Natural bamboo is water-resistant making it the perfect solution for kitchens.
Wine bottles holder
The wine rack has holes for hanging it onto the wall.
Bottles & Glasses Rack
The Wine Bottle Holder can be stacked together with Wine Glass Hanging Rack. You can buy it separately or in a set.
Bottles rack screws
Mounting hardware included. It has holes for simple and easy fitting.
Wine bottles holder

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