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Bunk Bed Hanging Shelf

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Clip on bedside table
This Bamboo Bunk Bed Hanging Shelf is a great shelving idea. It is a very useful accessory, suitable for the children's bedroom.
Clip on Bunk Bed Shelf
The advantage of this bedside shelf is that it’s double-sided: kids may use it from either side, as a bedside shelf (when they’re in bed) or as shelves unit (when they’re at the desk doing homework, or just to store favourite toys, books, etc.)
Bedside Shelf
4 hooks on the shelf clip it easily onto any furniture or bed back, side or rail on different levels. You can rearrange the position of the hooks according to the height of your furniture.
Book shelves
A golden bamboo colour. Made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and to make cleaning easy.
Bedside Shelf
Can be used as a toys and book shelf.
Children's Shelf
The shelf easily moves along the rail of the bed. It's a good shelving idea in a small playroom or a second tier of a bunk bed, when using a bedside table is impossible.
Bamboo Shelves
Assembly required.

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Clip on bedside table
Clip on hanging shelf
Clip-on shelf
We recommend using a fabric or rubber padding to protect the surface of the bedside from possible scratches if you are going to periodically move the shelf.
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