Bamboo Bookshelf

Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves

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Bamboo bookcase
The bookcase is made from 100% natural bamboo, which has a naturally golden colour. Bamboo is an ideal furniture material due to its beautiful aesthetic and highly durable quality.
Bamboo furniture is same strong as oak furniture and even more light due to its wood structure.
Bamboo bookcase
The book shelves unit is also specially varnished to protect it from water and damp, also making it easy to clean.
book shelf
All edges are smooth and cut with precision.
book shelves
Book shelves are sloped. Supports at the back of each shelf for holding books.
bamboo bookcase
Shelves are large enough to accommodate books either standing or on their sides.
bamboo bookshelf
Strong and stable shelves ensure that your items are safe.
bamboo book shelf
Place two shelf units together to make a double shelving compartment.
bamboo bookshelves
The bookcase can be also used as a display unit.
bamboo book shelves
Assembly required.
ATTENTION! Every piece of furniture MUST be properly secured to a wall with furniture securing straps, studs or toggle bolts (not included).

Customer Reviews

02 Jan 2016
Great product! Easy to assemble, sturdy and looks quality!
Miss Debra Morgan
14 Jun 2015
It was love at first sight. The bookcase is beautiful. It fitted together perfectly and so simply. Not your usual nasty flat packed furniture. Thank you
bamboo bookcase
bamboo bookshelf
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