Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves

Stackable Bookcase, 5 Book Shelves

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Bamboo Bookshelf
Bookshelf or office unit with five spacious shelves. Lattice work on either sides gives the unit a lightweight and open style. Excellent joinery and fixings make this unit strong and durable.
Bamboo Bookcase
The Bookcase is made from 100% natural bamboo, which is an ideal furniture material due to its beautiful aesthetic and highly durable quality. The unit is also specially varnished to protect it from water and damp, also making it easy to clean. Bamboo furniture is same strong as oak furniture and even more light due to its wood structure.
Bamboo Book shelf
Strong and stable book shelves ensure that your items are safe. Cut with precision and with a smooth finish, the lattice work provides extra support.
Bamboo Bookshelves
The back of the bookshelf is also made from bamboo, and has inbuilt support bars for additional strength.
Bamboo Book shelves
Shelves are large enough to accommodate books either standing or on their sides.
Office Unit
A great office storage unit – perfect for folders, files, documents, etc.
Bamboo Bookcase
Assembly required.
ATTENTION! Every piece of furniture MUST be properly secured to a wall with furniture securing straps, studs or toggle bolts (not included). Be aware that 3 children every hour, or 71 children are injured every day by falling furniture, and a child dies every two weeks from a furniture tip-over!

Customer Reviews

14 Sep 2015
very pleased with the bookcase it very sturdy and nicely finished
Mr Colin Pickles
24 Aug 2015
So very pleased with this fantastic bookcase. The quality is so good that you wouldn't believe the price you pay and delivery is very quick. The bookcase is a lovely warm colour which matches well with my oak table and chairs and is very sturdy. I may well have to come back for another one!
18 Oct 2014
Beautiful glossy wood, very solid and sturdy.
22 Sep 2013
This unit is very good
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