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Bamboo Knife Block

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Bristle Knife Block
Plastic fibre rods can be easily removed and cleaned, making this block more hygienic than other knife blocks with slits, which are difficult to clean.
Bamboo Knife Block
Waterproof material means that the knife holder is easy to wipe clean – essential in the kitchen.
Bristle Knife Holder
The knife rack safely and easily holds knives of any material (ceramic, steel, etc.).
Knife Holder
Smooth lacquered bamboo with rounded corners for optimum durability and attractive appearance.
Rods allow to hold knife at any angle.
Fiber Rods, Knives Block
The knife rack is made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. A golden colour.
Fiber Rods, Knife Block
The knife holder can accommodate up to 10-15 knives, and is suitable for blades of up to 20cm – from a small paring knife to a chef knife.
Bamboo Knife Holder, measures

Customer Reviews

07 Sep 2014
The knife block was better than expected. Would highly recommend it to friends for quality and price. It's very deep and have stored various knives, scissors and peelers inside. Customer service was excellent too.
05 Oct 2013
Fantastic thing! Just stick the knives, don't have to fit them to the slits
Knives Block, measures
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