Pen Box, Pencil Pot

Pen Holder, Pencil Box

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Pen Holder
This Pen and Pencil Holder is designed in two colours – a sunny and a dark bamboo colours.
Pencil Box
Made from compressed and glued bamboo bars.
The bamboo has been given a special varnish which protects against water and makes cleaning easy.
Pen Holder
Bamboo Pen Pot can also be used for cutlery. Solid design means that it will remain upright on kitchen surfaces.
Pen Pot, Flower Vase
As well as making for a neat and handy place to pop your pens, this Pen Pot could make a charming vase for a little bit of colour. Turn your desk into a spring garden, or just brighten up your workplace, with the addition of one or two of our luxury artificial flowers.
Pen Holder, measures

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Pen Holder, measures
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