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Kitchen shelves
Kitchen shelves extender with 3 shelf steps.
Adjustable kitchen shelves
Adjustable to any size – perfect for use in a cupboard or cabinet.
Kitchen Organiser
The unit is made from compressed and glued strips of bamboo, which have a naturally golden colour.
Shelves Organiser
As with all our products, the bamboo has been specially varnished to protect it against water, as well as making it very easy to clean.
Bamboo Kitchen Shelf
Great for storing all kinds of kitchen accessories, such as small jars, spices, teas, cans, etc.
Bamboo Cupboard Organiser
Our step spice rack can be used in a cupboard, or as a kitchen shelf extension.
Make-up shelves
A great way to display your makeup – keep everything in sight and easily to hand.
Toys shelves
Alternatively can be used to display toys, ornaments or collectable figurines, etc.
Bamboo forest, eco-friendly bamboo
Bamboo grows at rates of up to four feet a day, and harvested after only five or six years - a very short time compared with hardwoods that can take decades to grow. In buying bamboo products you help in the fight against deforestation, and contribute to the preservation of the habitats of endangered wildlife.
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Customer Reviews

Mr Rod Watson
15 Feb 2022
Excellent product & great service. Highly recommend this company.
Hayley Lewis
27 Aug 2020
Great customer service and fast delivery! I love my product it fits exactly where I need it to and is eco friendly :) Thanks
13 May 2020
Useful item Back bar loose not glued at one end so glued it ourselves. Otherwise finish ok and our splce cupboard now better organised
Ms Ann Charles
22 Nov 2016
Great product and design, sadly it did not fit my cupboard for the purpose I needed. Customer service was excellent.
28 Aug 2015
Really great quality and just what we needed. Fits in our cupboards as well which don't seem to be standard cupboards.
01 Oct 2013
Good idea, finally organised my spices in the cupboard
Bamboo Kitchen steps
kitchen shelf
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