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Revolving Desk Tidy

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Bamboo Desk Organiser
This Bamboo Revolving Stationery Organiser is a perfect way to keep gadgets, craft supplies, stationery, notes, makeup/hair accessories and much more.
Revolving Desk Organiser
Several different compartments ensure that your items will be kept neat and tidy.
Bamboo Desk Tidy
A lifted base in the core provides a more convenient reach for your stationery, with an additional separating insert for extra sorting capabilities.
Revolving Desk Tidy
A golden bamboo colour. Stationery Organiser is made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and to make cleaning easy.
Bamboo Stationery Holder
You can access your items easily by turning the organiser whichever way you need. Sturdy revolving wheel and fixings guarantee the organiser's durability - easily withstands everyday wear and tear.
Revolving Stationery Holder
Perfect to use in the office - great for storing clips, stationery, writing accessories, telephone, cords, etc.
Panda in bamboo forest, eco-friendly bamboo
Be "green" in your home or office with our range of products that are made from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo. The bamboo that we use is harvested from forests that are carefully maintained, which avoids deforestation and ensures the protection of pandas and other wildlife species' habitat.
Dimensions of revolving stationery organiser

Customer Reviews

24 Jun 2021
Love my desk tidies. I ordered 2 - one for my desk and one for my crafting studio. I can put all my bits and pieces in both and everything will be asily accessible as the tidies rotate.
03 May 2019
I love my revolving desk tidy. It keeps everything within easy reach and it looks great.
26 Feb 2017
Great product and excellent service. My son was really pleased with this desk tidy. Large enough for all his stuff and the fact that it revolves made it even better!
04 Dec 2016
Excellent product great delivery service present for my boss. Would recommend this company
02 May 2016
Lovely item. Love the feel of bamboo. Great size and it takes a lot of things, but I underestimated the size of the vertical slots to be big enough for business cards, but they are that little bit too small. What a shame!
Mrs Jennifer Laycock
27 Nov 2015
Totally delighted with my purchase. I will most certainly buy other items from you in the future.
Mrs Michaela Jeffrey
02 Sep 2015
Hello Finoak I Would like to say that the desk top tidy was exactly what I was looking for. It was almost as if you had read my mind. Thank you I will definitely be looking at your products again. Michaela Jeffrey
29 Sep 2013
Nice desktop thing. Lovely colour!
Dimensions of revolving desk tidy
Dimensions of revolving desk tidy
Dimensions of revolving desk tidy
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