iPad Stand, Desk Organiser, Tablet Holder

iPad Stand, Tablet Holder

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iPad Stand, Tablet Holder
This bamboo tablet stand is a stylish and most minimal solution to hold your tablet. Its special design means that the stand is extremely stable, whilst being lightweight and space-saving.
iPad Holder, Tablet Stand
Velvet cloth affixed to the bottom of the stand prevents any slips or slides.
Adjustable iPad Stand
A golden bamboo colour. iPad Holder is made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. Bamboo is a great material as it is both naturally beautiful and durable. As with all our products, this bamboo has been specially varnished to protect against water and to make cleaning easy.
Adjustable iPad Holder
Indent for easy access to Home Button.
Bamboo iPad Stand
Choose from two angles – upright, perfect for watching movies or showcasing work to multiple people.
Bamboo iPad Holder
A more relaxed angle – great for reading, writing and other casual and personal uses.
Phone Holder, Desk organiser
iPad Holder can also be used with your iPhone, or for storing cards and notes, etc. Two slits on either side of stand make for easy input access — phone, memory sticks, etc.
Tablet Stand, clips holder
Shallow bowl at the centre of the stand is perfect for keeping small objects safe and usefully nearby, such as USB drives and important notes.
Tablet Holder

Customer Reviews

19 Apr 2017
Lightweight, good looking and very, very practical. Exactly what I needed and it even sits on my lap when in my recliner. Now my Kindle goes everywhere I do.
Mr Darren Kirby
24 Jan 2016
These are great stands, perfect for ipad/tablets etc. Well made and good price, so much so I now have 3 so i have one to hand in all rooms. Good service, would recommend Finoak.
08 Sep 2014
Very nice and stylish product, and very happy with the purchase!
26 Sep 2013
Nice item. Lightweight so I take it with me everywhere in my rucksack. Didn't expect it to be so sturdy
Tablet Holder
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