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Childrens Table and Chair

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Bamboo kid's table and chair
This is a kid's desk combined with easel. Designed for age 3 plus.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
The desk features a lift-up lid, with storage space under for all the works of art that are bound to appear. There are also four compartments in the tabletop which is ideal for storing felt-tip-pens, crayons, pencils.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
The safety design. The lifting mechanism holds the table top at any angle which means that little fingers won't get caught underneath.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
The cut-out makes it easy to open the lid.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
This set is made of natural bamboo material. As with all our products, it has been specially varnished to protect against water and damp to make cleaning easy. Bamboo gives the set a fresh airy look and will blend in well with any interior.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
The slant of the table top makes it easy for a child to write. It improves handwriting skills and allows study without extra breaks. A child do not feel too tired during a lesson. It helps to maintain the focus on the subject.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
You can you use it as easel as well. Simply switch the lifting mechanism to the necessary position.
Bamboo kid's table and chair
Use blue tag for example to hold a paper. Art and craft help build up physical co-ordination among kids: Activities like painting, drawing and coloring are improve motor coordination in children. The drawing is a way of putting their thoughts, feelings and ideas across to adults.
Dimentions of the table and chair
Easy to assemble.
The item's colour can be slightly different from it's photo. Bamboo has no homogeneous colour and it depends on variety of conditions (type of lights, environment, etc...).
Dimentions of the chair
It is very important to correctly adjust the height of the chair in relation to the desk, in order to prevent back pain and a lazy posture.

Customer Reviews

Mrs Kathleen Dunn
13 Feb 2015
I am very pleased with the desk and chair, not only are they good to look at but they are very sturdy. The service was excellent, I have no complaints whatsoever.
mrs Jennifer Singleton
07 Feb 2015
excellent product...great quality..easy to build and speedy delivery...grace absolutely loved her desk
Dimensions of childrens table and chair
Dimensions of childrens table and chair
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