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Gadgets Organiser
This Gadgets & Cable Organiser is a kind of docking station, it is a nice way to have one place in your home where you can charge your phones and always know where they are. Other items such as keys, documents or wallets can also be stored here.
Cables Organiser
This Cable Tidy organiser is equipped with a drawer. The mat silver colour of the metal knob perfectly complements the bamboo.
Wires organiser
It suggests a great cable management and docking station solution: on the back it features a niche, through which you can take your cables out. You may put a power strip there as well.
Bamboo phones organiser
Felt cloth pieces affixed to the bottom of the stand prevent any scratches on the desk.
Cable management: the organiser can hold charging wires for 4 devices where they can remain, so that the process of charging will be much easier – without searching for cables or a free socket.

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Phones Organiser

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