Sink Tidy, Over Sink Shelf

Bamboo Sink Tidy Shelf

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Sink Tidy
Natural bamboo is water-resistant making it the perfect solution for kitchens, where things can get a bit soggy!
Sink Shelf
The Sink Shelf is covered with a special lacquer for extra waterproof care and attractive finish. Length (1 meter) suits standard sink size. Provides enough width to suit a standard tap.
Over Sink Shelf
Legs provide excellent stability. Suitable for bottles, washing accessories, towels, etc.
Above Sink Shelf
The Sink Tidy is made from compressed and glued bamboo bars. A golden bamboo colour.
Sink Shelf, Toys Shelf
Can be used in other places around the home such as an office desk, hobby area, playroom or workshop, etc.
Sink Shelf, Plants Shelf
Works as a beautiful and simple window shelf - great for keeping plants in sunlight.
Sink Tidy, measures
Assembly required.

Customer Reviews

03 Apr 2019
Super fast delivery, thank you.
16 Dec 2018
Great product and very good quality
11 Sep 2018
Great product. we use it to create more space on the worktop by storing larger storage jars etc. underneath and all the herb jars on top
Mr Phil Rickman
17 Jun 2017
Must be possible for an idiot to assemble, because an idiot did. And after four days it still hasn't fallen apart.
30 Sep 2013
V.g. Perfectly fits my sink, though I'd wish it to be a bit wider.
Sink Tidy, measures
Sink Shelf, measures
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